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Welcome to stormvideo.com.au

Storm Studios specialise in video production, DVD & CD-ROM authoring and multimedia. With over 12 years experience we can handle all of your video needs. Browse our site and see how Storm's friendly and professional team can help you.


Video Production   DVD & CD-Rom
Filming & Editing   DVD & CD-Rom - Authoring, duplicating...
Cinefilm Transfers   Tape Transfers
Film transfers to DVD, VHS, MiniDV...   Tape Transfers - Broadcast to Domestic...

About Us...

Storm Studios are committed to customer satisfaction. We want to make sure that your video work is of the highest quality every time.

Video Production  
Filming Editing
Corporate Videos Television Commercials
Training Videos Promotional Videos
Scripting Voice Overs
3D Animation High Quality

Our clients know that Storm gets the job done right; on time and on budget. We want to make sure you achieve your goals and that your video makes the right impact on your target audience. Our editors work quickly and understand how to maximise our non-linear digital editing facilities by combining video effects, titles, audio and animations. Our camera operators are equipped with video, sound and lighting to handle situations ranging from a one camera shoot through to full outside broadcast with multiple cameras. We also offer scripting and professional voice-overs, 3D animation and can combine all production elements to create a fully interactive DVD; the most impacting recent development in video today.


DVD & CD-Rom  
DVD / CD Authoring & Encoding DVD / CD conversion
DVD / CD Duplication & Replication Optimisation & Stabilisation
Menus, Chapter Points, Navigation Only premium quality stock
Extensive packaging options Mastering quality

Our professional DVD & CD-Rom service ensures that your discs are of the highest quality because we make digital technology our priority. Our operators monitor every stage of the disc creation process; capturing and image stabilisation, digital encoding, compression and optimisation, right through to output of the final product. The Storm difference is we only use premium stock, and offer services ranging from simple transfers right through to professional disc authoring and large scale duplication and replication, and offer great packaging and labelling options to make your final product really stand out.


Tape Transfers & Duplication  
Digital & Analogue Professional & Consumer formats
Packaging & Labelling options Fast turnaround
Overseas Conversions Single copies or large runs

We transfer all formats of tape, from the domestic VHS & Betamax right through to Digital Betacam & HD-Cam. We also offer a range of packaging and labelling options.


Cinefilm Transfers  
8mm,16mm, 9.5mm Sound & Silent
Convert film to DVD or VHS Range of services
Add music or titles Preserve your memories

8mm & 16mm film looks great to DVD and video, and we can transfer your footage using a number of techniques to suit your budget. Most customers find that our economical package is a great result though we also cater to those who want the best from their film, using frame scanning technology. We can edit or add music and titles to your finished video, helping to preserve your memories for many years to come. Storm's experience for over a decade is the difference.

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We handle all tape formats

15 Monash Road, Gladesville, 2111 - P:(02)9816 5666 - F:(02)9817 4658 - email - ABN: 42069954260